Oak Ridges Native Plant Garden

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The un-ecofriendly lawn of this typical suburbia lot was eradicated to make way for a birds and butterflies garden with a meandering pebbled pathway and organic terrace. This garden demonstrates a sustainable alternative to the resource-depleting and high-maintenance conventional lawn.

The creation of this native plant garden is also an effort to re-dedicate developed land as natural conservation area- especially befitting as the backyard backs directly on Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation area.

Over 70% of this native garden is planted with more than 30-different types of pure native Ontario plants, promoting bio-diversity and serving as refueling station for wild birds and animals through all seasons. It is a sanctuary not only for some rare native plants whose habitats have been compromised elsewhere but also for the wildlife in the area. Native plants require little watering (xeriscaping) and no pesticide, reducing environmental impact.

During construction, the surplus soil excavated for the natural stone patio and pebble stone walkways were redistributed in the planting area to create a new topography, diverting the need to truck the surplus soil to landfill. Drainage pipe is strategically buried and placed to divert/capture rainwater falling on the walkway and terrace to the planting area to further minimize the need of watering.

The pebble stone walkway system allows rain water penetration to minimize surplus surface water from overloading the city storm collection system. It also functions as a therapeutic foot massage path.

Humming birds, gold finches, indigo bunting, song sparrows, chipmunks, dragonflies, butterflies, bees, beetles are all frequent visitors that grace this special rededicated natural backyard.