Bayview Condo, Ontario

A cramped, space-wasting condo radically transformed into a spacious, ultra-efficient home with style & ample storage

The Owners’ original mandate is to add much need storage space.

Noting the convoluted layout with oddly shaped hard-to-access rooms that are grossly wasted, the architect-interior designer prescribed an open plan that liberates the full potential of space utilization and results in an ultra-efficient and spacious enjoyable home with numerous added benefits.


  • Perceived living space doubled.
  • Kitchen counter and storage area tripled;
  • New 8’ long multi-purpose island serving as breakfast niche, baking/cooking preparation area and work/newspaper-reading table.
  • New pantry
  • New custom-designed glass display and storage unit at the otherwise odd angle next to the dining area as new focal point; the mirrored back of the display case adds extra perceived depth to the dining area.
  • Storage Cabinet space tripled and easily accessible.






The specially designed column near the island not only conceals existing plumbing lines but accommodates an electrical outlet for multiple equipment use.

The new dropped ceiling provides flexibility in a new lighting layout, helps define the kitchen and dining areas and introduces up-lighting into the living area and cove ceiling in the dining area that add perceived room height.

The revamped entrance lobby, bequeathed with a new hanging shoe cabinet, mirrored closet doors, large floor tiles and a new display art niche creates a strong sophisticated statement and first impression.

Most importantly, the angled wall in the living room where the TV was has been re-imaged into a stunning, floating wall integrated with a media storage unit and TV, turning a once undesirable and awkward eyesore feature into a gorgeous focal point.

The rich radicchio-burgundy colour on the floating wall pays tribute to one of the homeowners- a wine connoisseur- and serves as a backdrop to camouflage the partly recessed TV on movable arm, which can be viewed at all angles.