Milton ServiceOntario Centre & Land Registry Office

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This 12000-sf renovation includes a ServiceOntario public service centre, a Land Registry public centre, and ancillary administrative support office. Abundant daylighting is enjoyed by all staff and visitors by clever space planning, supplemented with efficient electrical lighting. Floor material and textural changes is employed to guide the visually impaired to the service counters. Accessibility for both visually and physically impaired are carefully considered and implemented in the planning and construction stages. Low VOC paint and high recycled content marmoleum flooring are used to maintain good indoor air quality and easy maintenance The open plan and low walls help creating an airy atmosphere at the facility and defining various functional areas while maintaining easy visual monitoring by staff and clear orientation for visitors.


  • Firm: Ng Chee Architects Partnership of Incorporations
  • Project Lead Architect: Heman shih, Architect OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP HKIA