Sing Tao Daily Headquarters

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The mandate of this project is to consolidate the radio division, digital (CCUE) division, printing facilities, administration, advertising, editorial and production offices that were scattered in three separate locations to be under one roof in a 50,000sf building in Markham. HSAI assisted the client to evaluate potential sites for the relocation and act as the prime consultant to renovate the chosen building for their use in the most cost effective and sustainable manner.

New printing equipment is purchased for the facility to ensure increased quality and efficiency. Complex power upgrade is necessary for the equipment. HSAI prepared a space planning that meets all functional requirements while keeping modifications and renovations works required to the bare minimum to reduce cost and construction time. Natural daylight is provided to each staff in the facilities through simple introduction of internal windows. An airy, open, inter-connected and comfortable work space is created for all staff in which interaction is promoted and a connection to nature is established to lower absenteeism and raise staff morale.. The employment of pre-used system furniture for their 120 plus staff results in not only substantial savings but also the diversion of a significant amount of equipment from landfill, thereby reducing this project’s environmental impact.

Special noise-mitigation measures introduced at the radio production studios includes: double acoustical walls with special acoustical wall board, batt insulation and plywood, double drywall and acoustics ceiling with batt insulation, double interior glazing units with special disconnected frames, acoustics door seal and full acoustic lined mechanical ductwork with decouplings. Its location is carefully selected to minimize impact from the noisy new printing equipment.